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Hair Coloring Products

Hair Coloring Products

We use L'Oreal Professionnel. This is the top of the line hair color used by professionals . I have worked in a number of other salons and used other lines; Wella, Goldwell, Schwartzkoff, Kuene, SoColor, Framesi, and others I may not remember. Kim is a former color educator for L'Oreal Professionnel. My experience over the years has brought me to the conclusion that L'Oreal is the most complete professional color line there is. I understand the conversion on how to color match when someone was previously using another line.

The color lines within L'Oreal Professionnell are:


Permanent Color. Deep conditioning and protection. High resistance Color System. Excellent gray coverage. Uniform color results. Ionene G.


The first range of radiant reds that treats the hair from the core to the surface. Superior coverage of White. Brilliant shine and condition with Ionene G and New Incell Technology. Vibrant and uniform color Results. High Chroma Technology to achieve intense, long lasting reds


Part of Majirel. For high lift on blonds, up to four levels. This is preferred in place of lighteners when you don't need as much damage and are not lifting more than four levels.


Part of Majirel. For high lift on browns that leaves the richest color deposit to counteract the red undertones.


A non-ammonia, gentle highlighting creme, lightens up to 5 levels in 15 minutes. Surperb shine and conditioning. Fresh scented formula. Highlights in one step.


A new taste in color with Nutrigel and Nutrishine Technology. Gives multi-reflective, luminous results. An alternative to traditional permanent hair color. It protects the hair with Ionene G from the core to the surface throughout the coloring process for long-lasting results. It has chromophores that are light reflecting polymers at the surface of the hair that provide the multi-reflective, luminous color, and Grapeseed Oil that nourishes the surface of the hair during the coloring process, providing superior conditioning and shine.

Diacolor Gelee

This is a semi-permanent color in a light non-ammonia gel. It has translucent tones, natural gray blending, and reliable color correction. THis is great for toning highlights. It's deposit only. Similar to Colorance by Goldwell.


This is a rich, long-lasting demi-permanent color. It is a non-ammonia creme. It has rich tones and profound gray coverage. This is good for refreshing ends in place of permanent color. Because all of L'Oreal Professionnell uses a universal number and letter naming of colors system, it is easy to use the different line together.


This is a pure tone permanent color, similar to Framesi. Gives more creative options for any level. Has the Ionene G.

Platine Precision

Up to 7 levels of lift, classic lightner. The rich creme adheres to the hair, stays in place and does not swell.

Platifiz Precision

This is for controlled lightening It comes in a dust free powder and mixes to a rich creme. Lightens up to 7 levels, stays moist, excellent for on the scalp lightening.


A lightener that maintains the condition of the hair. A new standard in conditioning and shine. It's Patented Technology contains Nutri-Ceride to restor and protect the hair fiber, White Beeswax to smooth and keep the hair soft, and Enveloping Lipids to help maintain the hair's natural lipid level. It is a new form of lightening with Adjust Polymers, in a paste instead of a powder, paste and nutri-developers feature 'adjust' polymers that work in synergy to create the unique creamy texture. It comes in regular and ammonia-free formulas.

Hair Coloring Methods
About Color Correction
Hair Coloring Products


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Before and after hair extension pictures

Ombre Color

This ombre was created using a triple foil technique. Round brush styling.

Color Correction

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Color correction and hair extensions for thickening.

Before and after hair extension pictures

Ombre Color

From lightly highlighted new growth to solid bleach blonde.

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Custom Blended Red Hair Extensions

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For perfect color and texture matching, we customize each set of extensions with endless creative options. Each bond can contain between 2 to 4 colors with any ombre options. For texture, we have available many hair types; Delicate Russian Virgin hair, naturally wavy, Indian, heavier Asian hair, Eastern European. Read more about our Custom Blends.

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