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Hair Extension Myths

Myth 1
"Glue hair extensions cause damage."

There are several different types of bonding material or "glue" used to secure hair extensions in place. Certainly, there are cases where damage of hair extensions are caused, but the reason is not usually in the glue itself. Reasons for hair extensions damage:

  • Sloppy application with the tension is not even. The extension hair must be bonded to the client's hair with the strands down, not out. (fig. 1) If the hair is pulled out during the bonding (fig. 2), it will fall down and cause the top part of the clients hair on the bond to hold the entire weight of the extension hair.(fig. 3) The bottom part of the client's hair in the bond will bend and not fall straight, leaving it prone to more tangles.

  • Other sloppy application like not even partings or allowing stray hairs to get stuck in the bond. A hair extension artist must be extremely articulate and pay close attention to every detail.

  • The hair extension piece is too large for the amount of hair it is being added to. Too much hair is added. Some client's have thin hair and the parting of hair only has a little bit of hair and the extension artists adds too heavy of a piece. The weight will overwhelm the hair and possible pull it out. Another risk of doing this is the overall look may not match and look too heavy.

  • Sloppy partings.

  • Poor maintenance on the client's part. They shampoo or comb it rough. Client does not keep tangles out and then pulls too much. The clients sleeps on wet hair. The client does not wrap hair when sleeping. The client does not go in for regular maintenance and allows the extensions to be in longer than 3 or four months.

  • Leaving the hair in too long is not good because loose hairs will more likely get trapped inside the bonded hair and cause tangles and even dreads when left unattended too. Simple neglect could be a reason. Hair extensions do require care.

  • The clients wears pony tails too tight and too high up. Pony tails should be loose and/or down low so the bond is not stretched backwards with uneven tension.

It might be true that some hair may not be able to handle hair extensions as well as others, but when each detail is payed close attention to and then carefully watched, if there are signs of trouble, I am available to take care of the issue ASAP, unlike some hair extensions artists who suddenly become "unavailable" when you need to call on them for trouble.

Myth 2
"The hair extension bonds will only stick out at first and will tame down after a bit."

This is what you might hear someone say who does hair extensions. They do say it. Go ahead, call around and ask that question to a hair extension artist in a salon and see what they say. As mentioned previously, this is not a good sign that your hair extension artist is putting them in very well. This means that they have no idea how sloppy they really are.

Myth 3
"This is the best hair you can get."

Every company thinks this. There are hundred or more companies that sell hair and hair extension systems and products and claim that their hair is the best. Russian, "virgin" hair, or Indian "temple" hair, or European, or Italian, or Remi. Some hair does tangle more. Some grades are better than others. They are different. Many are good. Look at samples. You won't really know until you take a chance and see for yourself. Remember that the word "best" is a matter of opinion and not a literal fact. Some people hate what other's love. Sometimes, the hair that matched your texture should not be the super shiny fine grade that cost the most or it simply won't match. I know where to get the good stuff and I'm aware of the reasons why some people like one type over another.

No one company has the only good hair in the world. Great Lengths has Virgin Indian Temple hair that is double drawn. This is some of the nicest hair in the world. Hair Dreams also has the same hair. Russian Hair is super soft and comes in naturally lighter colors. Russian Virgin Hair that is double drawn really is the nicest hair that I've see, actually.

Myth 4
"This hair extension method lasts 4 to 6 months, unlike the others that only last three."

Certainly, a bond can hold itself to the hair for that long, BUT when the bond is hanging so low, inches away from the scalp, it begins to show. This is hype that a company uses as a selling point as far as I'm concerned. It probably can not look that great. It is long and open to tangles and dreads because loose hair can weave between the scalp and the bond. I have seen people go this long successfully, but it's not usual. After three months, I prefer to take them out, and if you think you can manage longer then you are on your own at your own risk. There are many occasions when I am untangling dreads for hours when a client comes to me from a different salon with a method they claim was supposed to last that long.



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Hair Extension proper Application

The bond is off-base and down to ensure that an equal amount of tension is distributed evenly by each hair in the parting.

Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

The hair pokes outwards, away from the scalp. This causes itching as the weight is not distributed evenly and only pulls from the hairs at the top of the parting.

Bad  hair extensions

Gravity makes the hair fall down and the bottom hairs bend while the top hairs pull. Eventually they will pull out because the weight is too much.

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Bad Bonds

The second picture are the smallest, most comfortable, non shedding bonds you will find.

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For perfect color and texture matching, we customize each set of extensions with endless creative options. Each bond can contain between 2 to 4 colors with any ombre options. For texture, we have available many hair types; Delicate Russian Virgin hair, naturally wavy, Indian, heavier Asian hair, Eastern European. Read more about our Custom Blends.

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Hair extensions bonds on the day of removal, after 3 months. Notice how well they still look.