hairstyles by Kim Lake

Kim Lake Hair Extension Pictures

Photo by Rebecca Lynch Hair extensions by Kim Lake

Hair Extensions cut in a V shape. Russian Virgin and Russian lightened. No Maintenance for three months.

King 5 News Felicia Matson hair Extensions

22" inch hair extensions. Custom Blend of two colors to create natural looking highlights. Flat bonds for an easier night sleep.

Ombre Highlighted Hair Extensions

Custom color fades. Extensions with natural color hues and depth to mimic each client's individual color pattern.

Photo by Rebecca Lynch Hair extensions by Kim Lake

Editorial. Photo by Rebecca Lynch. Kim Lake Hair Extensions.

King 5 News Felicia Matson hair Extensions

King 5 News Woman, Felicia Matson, correcting a bad haircut with hair extensions, using two color blend 3/5 for added shine effect.

Las Vegas Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extension Colors added to this short haircut,

Custom made hair extension set by Elsa

Custom color by Elsa. One row for thickening.

One row of hair extensions for thickening.

Elsa with One row of hair extensions for thickening. Created by Elsa.

Perfect hair extension bonds

Perfect hair extension bonds. Off base with perfect tension makes them comfortable, not itchy, and will not cause damage from being too tight.

Ombre hair extensions correcting bleach mess.

Different extension blends to give her gradually darker hair underneath.

Las Vegas Rock Star Adam Bomb of TKO

Adam Bomb, rock legend, in Las Vegas.

Before and After Hair Extensions on blond hair.

Before and After. Hair Extensions for Thickening. 2 bundles 20 inches.

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The consultation appointment is complimentary. This is where we analyze your hair and talk about design and pricing options before we set an appointment for hair extensions. A security deposit is required to secure your appointment day. If you live far away we can do the consultation on the phone and through email with pictures of your hair.

Ombre Hair Extensions Las Vegas, Nevada.

When hair is this short, the extensions must be thicker to cover the top layers. Beware when your stylist puts you with bleach foils under the dryer and walks away. Bleach doesn't go under the dryer.

Hair Extensions on short damaged hair.

Her was destroyed with bleach, then cut before seeing me. I used dark ombre rooted hair extensions to give her the light she desires without continuing to bleach it so much.
I wish you would not cut the hair after it is damaged before seeing me.

Hair Extensions on short damaged hair.

The love affair with blonde continues. Whatever it takes, I'll get it blonde.

Virgin Russian Hair

Soft fade Ombre Hair Extensions, custom blend, double drawn. Top quality hair.

Soft ombre Hair Extensions

Custom Blend Ombre Hair Extensions. Designs exclusive of Kim Lake.


22" double drawn Virgin Russian hair extensions. The softest hair available. Easy to comb. Comfortable to wear.

Curled hair extensions.

Curled hair extensions not combed out yet. Virgin cuticle double drawn hair is the highest quality available. It acts like real hair and does not spontaneously tangle like cheaper hair will.

The always beautiful Dawn selfie with my hair Extenisons

The always beautiful Dawn. Selfie with Kim Lake Hair Extensions

Dawn selfie

Ombre color custom color blend, virgin cuticle double drawn 14" hair extensions.