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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are the integration of hair into a person's own hair to thicken, lengthen, add texture, completely change the texture, or add color. There are several different methods to do this. After many years of doing hair extensions, exclusively, and seeing the ins and outs of many types of methods and brands, one type has been determined to have the best wear, the least amount of maintenance and lasts the longest with the least amount of issues are hair extensions done with the fusion method. This is what we use the most at the salon. More Hair Extension Methods

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Other fusion bonds vs Kim's fusion bonds.

Many top companies supply hair for this method. The two biggest name brands are Hair Dreams and Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Kim is certified in both of these methods. Many other companies offer strand by strand hair with fusion tips that can be used with micro link and cold fusion hair extensions as well. Kim has worked with many of these suppliers. They are not all created equally. SoCap, Balmain, Cinderella, Flash Point, and various other brands out there are popular, but we prefer to only use top quality hair with long lasting bonds

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Great Lengths certified stylists have attended the most intensive and effective training which has been recognized as the industry’s best in category. No other company requires or offers the in-depth education that Great Lengths does. The education and training prepares stylists for optimum service delivery to clients.

Great lengths is the "Behind The Chair" Stylist Choice Awards 2016 Winner in the Extensions Category.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Hair Dreams only uses refined, hand-selected 100% real human hair, that is characterized by the extraordinary healthy, natural-looking appearance and feel of the hair, resulting in a natural bounce and elasticity. The hair is purchased around the world based on strict ethical principles. It is tested with extensive Hairdreams quality control standards and patented with the most gentle processing method.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions are the Custom Blends. This is an advanced method of doing hair extensions that allows for more freedom in creativity, better matching ability, is more natural looking because it can get closer to a client's texture and color than other pre tipped fusion methods.

With Custom Blends, the hair is made to order and blended specifically for each client. We use a larger variety of hair from around the world. Other companies use mainly Indian Hair, but the Custom Blends are sourced from other parts of the world to include more texture and color choices.

The finest hair is the Russian Virgin. It is very soft and when trying to match very fine, thin hair, it is the most natural looking choice. It is more expensive than any other hair, but the delicate silkiness is something not ealily attained with other hair types. This works best for natural medium colored hair, virgin browns especially. More Details About The Hair we use.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

The Perfect Color Matching with Hair Extensions

The majority of clients have colored and highlighted hair. Kim is also a colorist and was a former educator and show stylist for L'Oreal Profesionnell. Our philosophy on color is that is should not damage the hair. Many people have hair extensions because of over processed hair that has broken off. The first thing we do is set your color on track for desirable results long term.

Our customized color blends of hair extensions are based on finding the natural color hues in each clients hair and blending them to the precision of the clients currents color or highlights. We can mix them fine all the way to chunky. There are between two and four different colors in each little piece of hair. The color matching is absolute.

There is no stringy color separation that gives away the extensions as looking fake. This will happen when using hair extensions that come is solid colored pre tipped pieces. Adding highlights this way are very obvious as extensions.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Why Texture Matching is Important

There is no one company that offers the best of everything. Kim must use several vendors. Some people have very fine hair and Indian or Asian Hair types are too heavy and they need a lighter, softer texture. There is Russian and European Hair. Some people have unique curls or even an uneven texture in their hair. Matching or even custom blending textures, if done precisely can correct an uneven textured look, tame it down, and even match it just right so the extensions look natural when worn natural without having to over style the hair.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Cutting, Styling, and the Finished Look

A giant factor in the success of a nice set of hair extensions is the cut. How do you put it all together, make the hair look flow naturally? Hair extensions can not be cut the same way as a regular hair cut. Care must be taken to avoid the chunky "doll hair" look on the ends if not blended or textured just right. Even if you used the best hair extension products in the world but your stylist puts them in funky or can't match with the cut then it's not the product that is bad.

How to decide what kind of hair extensions are right for you

Let Kim decide at the consultation appointment what the best kind of hair extensions for you will be. She will ask about your preferences and lifestyle, and help you figure out a good plan to design the right set of hair extensions for you.

Kim is the expert on hair extensions. For the past 12 years, Kim has been doing exclusively hair extensions. She has done over a thousand sets in that time and has seen the in and outs of different brands and methods. Her current system is the best so far. Great quality hair, good matching ability, non shedding, requires little salon maintenance, and client's keep coming back.

Before you get Hair Extensions

If you are planning to get hair extensions, the first step to take is schedule your consultation appointment. There is nothing you need to do to your current hair before your appointment. Do not cut or color your hair. We will also remove any old extensions at no additional cost, with the purchase of a new set, the removal is included.

There have been times when people want to help by getting their hair trimmed or colored first. This can cause problems. A fresh cut can make the ends too blunt. When adding hair extensions to lengthen your hair, the ideal ends are faded, untrimmed, and thin on the ends. This makes the integration of hair easy. With hard ends, they will need to be thinned back out or they may show, or I will have to add an excess of hair in order to overwhelm any thick cut lines.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions you still might have. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more. You can also send us an email or simply give us a call.

Myths About Hair Extensions

There are a lot of things that you will read or hear about hair extensions that may simply be not true or scare you. Kim has the long time experience exclusively with hair extensions to be a more credible source. Visit the Myths about Hair Extensions page to help you understand what some of things people may say actually mean.

How to Care for your Hair Extensions

Home maintenance is very important for your set of hair extensions. Please visit the Hair Extension Care page for detailed information on how to keep your hair extensions looking beautiful for the entire time that you have them in. Your set of extensions should still look beautiful on the day you remove them with proper care.

Custom Blends Hair Extensions


The price range can be anywhere from $300.00 to $2500.00 or more . The average for a full set is about $1600.00. Because of the many factors involved with hair extensions, prices can only be determined with a consultation, which is no charge.

The factors included are, Method of hair extensions, Type of hair, Brand, Quality of hair, Length of desired look, Color, whether highlighted or not, texture, thickness of hair, and also the application size of the bonds.

We only use good quality of hair so the difference per type of hair is not a choice because of price, but because of ability to match to the client. In other words. What is better? Indian or Russian hair. Yes Russian can cost more but it's not always best if the texture does not match the client's hair.

On location or traveling outside of the salon or state will include a different rate, charged accordingly. Go through The SERVICE MENU for pricing examples.

Traveling for Hair

Whether you are as close as Puyallup WA, looking for a hair extension artist, or as far away as Alaska, Washington, people have discovered that traveling such a distance to me or flying me out to see them is worth it, especially if you are picky or have special needs or you have exhausted your options with other hair extension artists. My clients travel to see me from many places, Oregon, Alaska, Bellevue, Puyallup, Tacoma, Everette, Kent, Federal Way, Seattle, North Seattle, Bothell. Auburn, Chehalis, New York, Easter Washington. I have three assistants that are helping me and learning to help take on the great demand of the custom work that I do.

We can travel to your location locally but the price is doubled. For traveling out of state, the cost is priced acordingly.

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Custom Blends Hair Extension Mixes

We customize your hair extension color blend specifically to your exact color.

Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

Russian Virgin Hair for super natural and soft fine hair. With ombre colored ends.

Super micro hair extensions

Super micro hair extensions to cover color damage. Kim's work is the most detailed perfect even bonds you will find with the best matching color.

Call for your consultation appointment.
(206) 992-9907

The consultation appointment is complimentary. This is where we analyze your hair and talk about design and pricing options before we set an appointment for hair extensions. A security deposit is required to secure your appointment day. If you live far away we can do the consultation on the phone and through email with pictures of your hair.

Ombre hair extensions

Custom color ombre hair extensions have an even fade and do not look dip dyed.

Kim Lake Hair

Multiple blends color pallet designed by Kim.

Kim Lake Hair

Hair extensions bonds on the day of removal, after 3 months. Notice how well they still look.