hairstyles by Kim Lake

Hair Extension Photos

Hair Extensions on very thin hair

Olaplex works if used correctly. Four full foils later, we start getting the blonde we like. Plus a few rows of hair extensions on the sides.

Hair Extensions on very thin hair

Ombre color hair extensions. Russian Virgin for very fine hair. WE use super small bonds for very thin hair. Safer, less detectable, comfortable.

Long hair extensions, custom color blends for natural looking hi-lites

Hair Extensions with color depth in the new growth.

Seattle Amanda's hair extentions for correcting bad color and cut

Hair Extension blend to look like real highlights. Deep undertones with smooth transitions.

From New Orleans Custom Blending of Hair Extensions Exclusive of Kim LAke

Client from New Orleans. Damaged from Bleach, filled in with super ultra fine micro bonding in crown.

Deepening the color to make it have ombre root Hair extensions

Hair Extensions with color depth in the new growth.

Layered custom blende double drawn virgin hair extensions

Long Layered hair extensions. Double Drawn Virgin cuticle for the best wear, easy to manage and style, and comfortable feeling most natural.

Clip in blonde highlighted  Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions.

Layered Custom Blended Hair  Hair Extensions

Layered hair extensions.

Custom blended blond hair extensions for short hair thick hair

Highlighted hair extensions. Color #27 and #613 blend.

Los Angeles Hair Extensions, medium length

Medium Length Layered Hair Extensions

Layered Custom Blended Hair  Hair Extensions

A strawberry blond mix layered hair extensions.

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The consultation appointment is complimentary. This is where we analyze your hair and talk about design and pricing options before we set an appointment for hair extensions. A security deposit is required to secure your appointment day. If you live far away we can do the consultation on the phone and through email with pictures of your hair.

Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair extensions for thickening. Colored Russian Virgin hair extensions. Russian hair is very fine so it looks natural in very thin hair.

Lond blonde Bob Hair Extensions

Long Bob created with hair extensions.

2She said long like Kim Kardashian

She said make it long like Kim Kardashian.

Rediculas amount of hair extensions


8 bundles of 24 inch custom color hair extensions.

Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre Hair Extensions.

Neat application of hair extensions that will not itch

Bob, created with hair extensions.

Las Vegas Hair Extensions, Adam Bomb.

The Federal Way Bomb squad just happened to be in my parking lot while I was doing Adam BOMB's hair.

Adam and Anna Fluer

Adam, Anna-Fluer, and Doggie. Adam has naturally curly hair, Uzbekastan Virgin, and Anna-Fluer has Russian Virgin.

Guitarist Adam Bomb

Naturally curly hair extensions.