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Hair Extensions

What are the best kind of hair extensions? Custom Blends Hair Extension are custom blended to match every texture and color of hair with a custom, made to order, set of hair extensions that will match and blend into your hair like no other brand you have ever experienced. Kim has worked with many other methods and brands of hair extensions, but during the last decade of doing thousands of hair extensions sets, Kim has perfected the perfect hair extensions. With most of her clientele being repeat customers, her method has stood the test of time and is a proven hit. Custom Color Blends . No matter what tecnique we decide, the hair is alway top quality remi, or remis, or remy, which means that all the cuticles are facing in one direction. This avoids too many tangles, which avoids damage.

The methods we use are safe and tested. We provide all the maintenance necessary for the expected life of your hair extension set at no additional charge. It's important to us that your hair extensions are successful and any problems that may occur, we will address immediately, and fix them or replace them.

Call for a free consultation to learn more and to find out the best kind of hair extensions that will suit your specific needs.

The Hair

Its human hair, yes, but there are different grades from different countries. Russian and European being the finest textures with the most delicate looking blonds. Then Indian, which has more natural textures and softness. And young Asian. It depends on the match to your hair as what I should match too. But no matter the origin, I only use the remy or "Cuticle" which mean that all the cuticles go in one direction. This is the fist pick and most expensive of the hair grades. Other grades can look nice but with the cuticle not aligned, the hair is hard to manage and will tangle. Russian and European is the most expensive, as much as 4 times or more expensive than other hair. All of this can be decided and discussed at the consultation.

The Perfect Color Blend starts with your own color.

The majority of clients have colored and highlighted hair. Kim is also a colorist and was a former educator and show stylist for L'Oreal Profesionnell. Our philosophy on color is that is should not damage the hair. Many people have hair extensions because of over processed hair that has broken off. The first thing we do is set your color on track for desirable results long term.

Our customized color blends of hair extensions are based on finding the natural color hues in each clients hair and blending them to the precision of the clients currents color or highlights. We can mix them fine all the way to chunky. There are between two and four different colors in each little piece of hair. The color matching is absolute.

There is no stringy color separation that gives away the extensions as looking fake. This will happen when using hair extensions that come is solid colored pre tipped pieces. Adding highlights this way are very obvious as extensions.

For Hairstylists. While I can create all my own custom blends in the salon, the Giambertone factory will create my custom blend in the factory. I was there and worked with them to be able to create the my blends. This will give you top quality hair with top quality Italian bonding that holds well and removes easy. These bonds work perfect with the most advanced ultrasonic cold fusion machine from Ubaldo Giambertone, They are made for other techniques as well. Shrink Links, Micro rings, and regular heated fusion.

Many hair extension companies offer pre tipped hair locks in solid colors that you can just alternate. This does not give me the fine detail of blends that I need to make an absolute color match.

Texture Matching

There is no one company that offers the best of everything. Kim must use several vendors. Some people have very fine hair and Indian or Asian Hair types are too heavy and they need a lighter, softer texture. There is Russian and European Hair. Some people have unique curls or even an uneven texture in their hair. Matching or even custom blending textures, if done precisely can correct an uneven textured look, tame it down, and even match it just right so the extensions look natural when worn natural without having to over style the hair.

Cutting, Styling, and the Finished Look

A giant factor in the success of a nice set of hair extensions is the cut. How do you put it all together, make the hair look flow naturally? Hair extensions can not be cut the same way as a regular hair cut. Care must be taken to avoid the chunky "doll hair" look on the ends if not blended or textured just right. Even if you used the best hair extension products in the world but your stylist puts them in funky or can't match with the cut then it's not the product that is bad.

The Complete Look

When I do hair extension, I also require that I create the entire look, from the color to the cut, only if coloring is necessary. As hair extension hair reacts differently to normal coloring or cutting, it is important that you keep consistent or I might find it hard to work with the results and I do not like when that happens.


The price range can be anywhere from $200.00 to $2500.00 or more plus the price of hair. The average for a full set is about $1600.00. Because of the many factors involved with hair extensions, prices can only be determined with a consultation, which is no charge.

The factors included are, Method of hair extensions, Type of hair, Quality of hair, Length of desired look, Color, whether highlighted or not, Texture; curly, straight...? , Thickness of hair.

Traveling for Hair

Whether you are as close as Puyallup WA, looking for a hair extension artist, or as far away as Alaska, Washington, people have discovered that traveling such a distance to me or flying me out to see them is worth it, especially if you are picky or have special needs or you have exhausted your options with other hair extension artists. My clients travel to see me from many places, Oregon, Alaska, Bellevue, Puyallup, Tacoma, Everette, Kent, Federal Way, Seattle, North Seattle, Bothell. Auburn, Chehalis, New York, Easter Washington. I have three assistants that are helping me and learning to help take on the great demand of the custom work that I do.

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Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

Before and After long blonde hair extensions .

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