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Custom Blends Hair Extensions

If you look closely at natural hair, you will see that there are multiple hues of colors spread though out the hair. If you look at a person with one color hair very closely, you will still see variations in the hair color. Highlighted hair has many variations of colors, from a fine mesh to chunky highlights with multiple colors in between. There can be obstacles when trying to match hair extension hair to a person's exact color and textures when using conventional brands of hair extensions. Alternating different color hair extension pieces to try to match highlights may look chunky and stringy. You may find a close match, but never a perfect one. With Custom Blends Hair Extensions, you can have that perfect match. You can also expand your creativity in the overall color and texture in much greater detail with more design possibilities.

How is this different than other hair extensions?

Many other popular brands of hair extensions come in single color strands. Alternating different strands is how you would try to mimic highlighted color. This can too chunky or stringy and you can see the different color of strands when it separates which can be a dead give-a-way that you have hair extensions. With Custom Blends there can be 2 to 4 different colors of hair pre blended in each strand before the tips are attached to create endless possibilities of new colors so you can capture those subtle differences with all the in between colors to get an exact match with the color.

In addition to being able to create the best in color matching, matching the texture is also customizable. We use different suppliers from around the world instead of just one supplier. Clients have different textures of hair, so no one source can work for everyone. Russian hair will be the fine. Indian hair will be soft. Asian hair will be heavier for those with heavier hair. All of our hair is remy and of the finest available quality.

In addition to the colors and the blends, you may choose an entire blended "formula." A blend formula is a combination of different colors and blends that will create specific looks and effects with multiple colors that goes far beyond just being able to just alternate different color locks. There are different formulas to choose with interchangeable options that allows you to create very specific detailed color matches. You can embellish their original hair color greatly with the number of possibilities that Custom Blends Hair Extensions can offer.

Customize the hair to the method of hair extensions you want to use as well.

The product is also made to order by the kind of method used to attach the hair extension. Our Custom Blends Hair Extensions can be made to be used with fusion, hot or cold, made in flat tips for fusion, or round tips for use with metal tubes such as a lock system, or with shrink tubes sometimes called shrinkies. The bonding material that tips the hair strands is a keratin based thermoplastic polymer, or "Keratin" as is widely used as it's trade name. It is a high grade polymer imported from Italy, that is holds well and resistant to shedding. It has been been tested to perform out perform many extensions brands on the market as well as hold just as strong as any the leading hair extension companies.

You will also be able to determine the sizes of your hair extension locks or have a mixture of sizes.

This is a fully customizable product that allows for better matching for your clients hair on a number of levels as well as being able to use it with the methods you may already know and it had many options that you most likely didn't have with hair extensions before.


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