Kim Lake Hair : Custom Blends Hair Extensions

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Our opening date for in salon hair extension services will be no sooner than June 1st. This is only if conditions are met to satisfy the state and I personally feel comfortable with the level of safety I can provide for my clients. This is the 4th push back date. No definitive date to open is given.

FOR Booking when we reopen. Until we have a real date for reopening, I am no longer keeping and changing appointments for in salon services. We will rebook oldest extensions first based on your last calendar appointment. So please don't worry about falling further behind when new extensions try to get bookings too. I'm sorry this will not be ideal for anyone. Everyone is going to have hair extensions in for at least 2 or 3 months past their due date.

You may want to to consider an alternative to fusion temporarily as a solution to carry you through this crisis. Time will be critical for almost all of my clients by the time we can get you rebooked. My recommendation is to remove your own extensions. Please read my Blog on How to Remove Hair Extensions..

I am heartfelt for everyone overdue on their hair extension replacement appointment. For now, we are following the Washington State "Safe Start" phasing in approach to reopening the state.

On May 5th, our state moved to Phase 1. We are open for retail curbside, call in, mail order, and online sales. Please call me for your beauty essentials, shampoo, hair care, nail care, professional color for at home, and temporary hair extensions that you can do at home on your own. I can mail products or we can meet curbside for shampoo, color, hair, and other beauty and health essentials.

I am also sewing face masks, so add a bunch of these with all of your orders, please, to support struggling small business and out of work hairdressers.

My online store is now live. Stay tuned for updates. We can create a custom set of clip-ins, or easy tape that you can do on you own at home. I can still provide customization with color as well as cut and design by producing your style on a mannequin first.

For services, we are part of Phase 2. If conditions are met to reopen, we will resume business after May 31st, so no sooner than June 1st.

I know that your hair may be in critical condition, but I will not make any exceptions that deviate from state guidelines. . Please, lets all comply and get this world healthy again.

Call for custom hair orders and consulting for alternative hair extensions to use temporarily. (206) 992-9907