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Caring for Your Hair Extensions

All hair extensions require specific care. Neglect can lead to tangling, which can lead to damage. Following these guidelines will lead to a successful wear of your set of hair extensions. Remember that hair extensions will require time and care. They are not meant to make your hair easier to care for. When problems arise in the wear of your hair, I can always track down the reasons why.

Washing your hair extensions

  • Pureology shampoo is recommended. It is 100% vegan and does not contain sodium laurel sulfate. It is free from chemicals that may break the hair extension bonds down. This is important for the life of your hair extensions if you don't want them to loosen prematurely.

  • Keep your hair extensions clean. Wash your hair at least 3 times per week, or more, depending on how oily or sweaty your hair is. Wash immediately after swimming, spa, and exercise.

  • First, rinse your hair extensions well. Make sure you feel the water soak all the way to the scalp. Let the water rinse as much dirt and oil and product off your hair as possible. Rinse more.

  • Rub the shampoo into your hands to spread it out and get it evenly on your scalp. Be generous with the shampoo. It's important to keep the scalp as oil free as possible.

  • Add a little water to make the shampoo emulsify better. Maybe use diluted shampoo.

  • When shampooing the hair, be sure to keep it down in one direction. Do not bunch it up on top of your head with suds! This may tangle it too much and it will be difficult to comb out. Adding a little water to your shampoo will help make a good lather. Make sure that you feel a good lather all the way to your scalp. Be sure not to scrub too hard. Massage the scalp in a downward movement as not to tangle the hair extensions under the bond.

  • Rinse, rinse, rinse, and repeat.

  • Important note from Kim about shampooing: One thing I have noticed about the way people shampoo, even other professional hair stylists, is that they don't rinse the hair and scalp enough before applying shampoo. Don't just wet the hair, as some do. Let the warm water run for a bit, so it goes all the way to the scalp where it can take a couple minutes to rinse out as much oil and dirt from the scalp as possible. It's the scalp that holds the oil and where the dead skin needs to be exfoliated. Concentrate on cleansing the scalp, not just the hair. The hair doesn't need to be scrubbed like the scalp does. Wash the scalp. The rinsing of the shampoo will automatically cleanse the hair. Many clients aren't keeping the scalp oil free as much as they should be. This is very important. When the scalp has been thoroughly rinsed, the shampoo will emulsify much better in order to clean the scalp and hair better. So, be sure to rinse very well before and after applying the shampoo.

  • What happens if I don't shampoo enough? Dirt caused tangles. Tangles can lead to damage. Oil does two things. One, it can cause bonds to slip. Slipping bonds lead to uneven bonding. Uneven bonding can attract tangles. Uneven tension in the bonds can lead to breakage. Not shampooing can also just look bad, so please, keep your hair extensions clean.

Conditioning your Hair Extensions

  • Always condition your hair extensions after you shampoo.

  • Only condition the ends below the bonds. Do not net conditioner near the hair extension bonds.

  • Use approved conditioners. Pureology is always recommended. Other conditioners may be used but only as long as it is towards the ends of the hair so that none of it rinses into the hair extension bonds.

  • Rinse very well.

  • Use an approved leave-in or detangler after you rinse on the ends only.

Combing Your Hair Extensions after you Shampoo

  • When drying the hair with a towel, it is best to not hold your head upside down to wrap your hair in the towel. If you must wrap your hair in a towel turban, Wrap your hair backwards by putting the towel on the front of your head first so the end stay facing down.

  • You MUST comb through your hair thoroughly after it is shampooed before you dry it. By not doing so, your hair may set with warped bonds. Also, there is a certain amount of "slip" in your hair when it is wet. You do not want your bonds to slip and then warp and hang with uneven tension.

  • Use light tension when combing your hair. Comb all the way from your scalp to the ends. A fine tooth comb is preferred, but your may start with a pick or wide tooth comb and then finish with a fine tooth comb. This insures that your hair extensions will dry straight and with even tension.

Drying Your Hair Extensions

  • Be gentle at all times.

  • When drying the hair with a towel, it is best to NOT hold your head upside down to wrap your hair in the towel. If you must wrap your hair in a towel turban, Wrap your hair backwards by putting the towel on the front of your head first so the end stay facing down.

  • After you comb your hair extensions thoroughly, allow to air dry if you want. but blow drying the roots and bonds, at least, help keep them strong. Wet hair is a state where the hair extensions could slip, so comb very gently with a little pressure is possible.

  • Do not hold your hair upside down while blow drying.

  • Do not use a brush in your hair while blow drying. Except for your bangs and areas without hair extensions.

  • Blow dry in a downward direction from the roots to the ends.

Styling your Hair Extensions

  • Keep your hair down at all times. Do not put in a pony tail high on your head. Only a low pony tail or braid.

  • You may do a twist to put your hair up. Twist down, then clip up the ends, but the hair should always fall down at the roots.

  • Use curling irons and flat irons as you like.

  • Take small sections so that you do not burn the hair to make it all style.

  • Use a very little or no products at all if possible.

  • Don't brush it hard. Use only approved by Kim brushes.

Sleeping with Hair Extensions

  • When sleeping, your hair must be wrapped so that it stays protected against getting tangled during your sleep hours.

  • Brush your hair to the scalp and get all the hairs in between your hair extensions straight.

  • With your hair brushed with a soft bristle brush that was approved by Kim, you can wrap it several different ways.

    • Briad the hair on the side behind your ear.

    • Make 2 braids, one on each side. Use a soft hairband.

    • Wrap in several hair bands down the length of the ponytail.

    • Twist your hair into a bun or two buns. Secure with a hair tie or two. This will create a nice wave in the morning when you take it out.

    • Pin curls for shorter hair.

  • For added protection, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or a "do rag" while sleeping.

  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase.

Driving or sitting with Hair Extensions

  • Do not lean on your hair when sitting or driving in your car. When you lean back, this can pull on your hair. Make of habit of bringing your hair over your shoulder and around to the front when sitting. It also hangs very pretty this way. Learn to pull your hair out before sitting.

Maintenance of your Hair Extensions During the Day, or Night

  • Your hair should be brushed thoroughly every day from roots to ends whether you shampoo that day or not.

  • Keep your hair extensions tangle free at all times. If you develop a snarl that you find difficult to remove, give me a call before you attempt to fight too hard with it. I can see it easier and gently detangle it without damage. Check for bonds that begin to stick together with stray hairs. Don't allow this and call me before it escalates.

  • Check for bonds that begin to stick together with stray hairs. Don't allow this and call me before it escalates.

  • Use leave-in conditioner to keep the hair extensions soft and moist. Do not add too much or the hair will have a build up and feel heavy. Going several days without washing can make the hair feel icky and tangly.

  • This is when I get calls and people complain. You see, home care and maintenance is a very important responsibility for the client. When the hair is not washed for a few days, any hair, natural hair, extension hair, the cuticle lifts up and will act like velcro and feel not smooth. It needs to be cleansed and conditioned in order to gain it's luster back.

  • DO NOT ride a bike, motorcycle, or ride in a convertible car without keeping your hair secured.

  • Always keep your hair extensions secured during physical activity or fighting.

  • Always shampoo after exercise or physical activity, or when your scalp sweats.

  • Try not to touch or play with your bonds as your fingertips are the most oily and those oils can break down your hair bonds.

  • Use as little of styling products as possible. They may make your hair look stringy. They make break down your bonds or cause them to slip. They may cause tangling.

Swimming or Using the Spa with Hair Extensions

  • When swimming, always wear a swim cap to prevent prolonged exposure to chlorine or salt water which will cause the hair extensions to tangle. Wash and condition your hair extensions immediately after swimming.

  • If you must risk swimming, keep your hair secured in a braid and swim cap.

  • It's preferred that you stay out of chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Have fun with green hair if you happen to be blonde. That's what may happen.

  • When going to a spa, the hair extensions should be brushed out completely and wrapped. Remember to wrap your hair down, not up. Be sure to shampoo after the spa or anytime you work out or sweat.

Coloring your Hair with Hair Extensions

  • Do not color, cut or perm your hair extensions! When I do your hair extensions, I require that no one else colors or cuts it. I am a colorist and I will give you a very perfect color match. There is a risk of the hair extensions hair not coloring or lightening properly as it has been processed differently and will react different than your hair when colored or cut.

  • Make an appointment with Kim for your color touch ups. The new growth can be be colored.

  • You may use other stylists for color touch ups if it is hard to make it in but only if it is approved by Kim.

  • Unapproved colorists or home coloring will void any guarantee of successful hair extension wear.

  • DO NOT ask for a complete color change during the wear of your hair extensions. Otherwise, Kim will consider you a crazy person. We can change the color when we replace your set of hair extensions. Only touch ups and toners approved by Kim will be done during the wear of your hair extensions.

Salon Maintenance for your Hair Extensions

  • It is recommended to come in every 4 to 6 weeks for maintenance or, at least, a check up, so I can take a look at the condition of your hair and make sure all is well.

  • Maintenance fee is included with your hair extensions for the duration of three months.

  • The hair is not moved up or tightened. Maintenance includes brushing out the hair, fixing warped pieces, replacing lost pieces. It does not include hair color.

  • Three months is the recommended time to replace the hair extensions for fusion. There is no charge for removal.

  • However, If you go past 4 1/2 months with your hair extensions in your hair, the removal process will take longer as the hair will have more tangles above the bonds. In this case, you will be charged hourly for the removal process, which can become lengthy in order to save your hair.

  • DO Not go past the recommended three months or you risk damage to your hair.

Call, text or email me if you have questions or problems. (206) 992-9907.


Hair Extensions Drawing

My wish is that you don't rat out your hair like this.

Hair Extensions Drawing

Super Salono is the best hair dryer to use.

Pureology shampoo.

Please use Pureology shampoo and conditioner for long lasting bonds.

Approved hair extension brush

Approved hair extension brush. Kim imports these from Italy.

Approved hair extension brush

You can use a Mason Pearson brush like this.

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