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Seattle area's best hair extensions ever!

Hair extensions are more than just a vanity choice. For many woman, having hair they do not find desirable can be very emotional. There are many more reasons to get hair extensions:

  • Naturally thin hair.

  • Chemotherapy treatment.

  • Alopecia. (Hair loss.)

  • Hair loss from Medication.

  • An unfavorable haircut.

  • Over processing from color.

  • Over processing from chemical straightening.

  • Over processing from permanent waves.

  • Over processing from bleaching or lightening.

  • Other physical trauma.

. . .and so on. There are reasons we need them and reasons we want them. As a style choice, having great hair finishes every look just right.

At Kim Lake Hair salon, we mainly specialize in hair extensions. But what led Kim into being the best is her color and design background . We also style, cut and color and can do temporary extensions for events such as weddings, dances, or other special events. We do hair extensions in different styles, not just long styles. We can create bobs from short layers or just add fringe here and there. You can get hair extensions in just about any color thinkable, or have just a few to create highlights. View more hair extension before and after pictures. Click to see.

Ombre Hair Extensions
Before and After Hair Extension Pictures
Hair Extension Pictures
Haircuts and Color
Wedding Hairstyles and Updos

Kim Lake, owner and operator of Kim Lake Hair Salon, has 30 years in the hair business experience, educating for Lanza and L'Oreal, as well as private classes. Her apprenticeship was in Beverly Hills with Giuseppe Franco on Canon Drive and Salon Cristophe on Beverly Drive. She has worked at top salons in Los Angeles and Seattle the Northwest. Kim has trained in Italy for the latest European methods and new technology with hair extensions. More about Kim.

When you visit our salon, expect excellence in every aspect of your hairstyle, from your hair color, to our top quality hair extensions, blending color and texture abilities, to your finished cut and style.

The type of hair extensions that we use at the salon are Custom Blends Hair Extensions , Hairdreams , Balmain , as well as other brands. Custom Blends Hair Extensions Method is a product that Kim has spent many years developing herself. Why is this method better than other top name brands of hair extensions? We match your color and hand mix your precise hair extension colors before the hair are made. There can be several colors in each strand to mimic your exact highlighted colors. The color transitions are more smooth this way. This eliminates the chunky, stringy look of other types of extensions. It allows for customization in ways that you can not get with many leading hair extension brands. Custom Blends Hair Extensions is the most versatile way of doing hair extensions.

Custom Blends hair extensions easily transitions away from other popular name brands, such as Great Lengths, Flashpoint, Hair Dreams, So Cap, Hair Locks, Cinderella, Donna Bella, and so on, because the product is similar across the board for a lot of fusion extensions. What makes it better is the customization ability to make better color blends and better texture matching, and adjust to different fusion methods, like micro rings, shrink tubes, flat, or round tips.

With Custom blends hair extensions there are endless more creative options when designing a set of extensions. We use several types of hair, Russian, Indian, and Asian, with different textures for more exclusive matching abilities for clients. It can be produced for fusion, locks, and shrink tubes, as well as customization of hair piece sizes, especially needed to make very small undetectable pieces for very fine hair.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Perfection, for one. Kim's natural artistic ability and close attention to detail, plus decades of experience, makes for the most well placed bonds that attain the best working design. Also, each individual bond lays exactly straight and hangs with even tension. This eliminates itching and damage caused by the pulling of hair with uneven tension.

Crooked bonds are common when hair is put in too fast or sloppy. The bonds should never poke out or sway away from the scalp. This is explained more with pictures on this link: Hair Extension Myths

Kim's background in color and design is key to the creation of the best overall hairstyle that looks completely natural and styles right.

Care for the health of your hair. We take the time to do it right and damage free instead of making claims about how fast we are because "your time is valuable." Your hair is more valuable. Other salons can do that better than me-go faster. We look for your continued business, not how many people we can squeeze out in a day. So, if you want it fast and cheap, go to where it looks fast and cheap. That is something we don't offer.

Our salon Philosophy

One thing that is very important in our salon is the respect for the hair itself. We specialize in hair extensions, but also with long hair and maintaining one's natural health of their own hair, so they may be able to grow out their own hair as healthy as possible. We use color methods that are the safest possible. We customize the hair extensions and color together to create the best matching, healthiest look. We make sure our hair extension bonding is done with precision so that every single hair hangs with even tension and are the most comfortable and least likely to break. We plan your style with the future in mind to go towards a direction that works, not just a "good for now style" that might be too difficult to maintain. If we think your hair is in jeopardy, we help you keep it safe instead of "upselling" services that aren't needed.

Customer service is also very important our Federal Way salon. We have all private rooms and private parking. During your stay, we offer beverages and lunch if you have to stay awhile. While you are here, enjoy WIFI, High Definition TV, Netflix, Blue Ray, and cable too.

Kim's Salon
Schedule an appointment 206-992-9907.

Seattle/Tacoma, WA Salon

Kim Lake Hair Salon
30821-B Pacific Highway S.
Federal Way, WA 98002
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Our Salon is in a private area of a commercial district located centrally between Seattle and Tacoma Washington in the city of Federal Way. We also have the best parking right next to the front door. We may not be in Bellevue or downtown Seattle but don't judge our ability by our address. The drive is worth it. People travel from far and wide for me to do their hair. We have several clients who fly from out of state and a few who come in from out of the country, as well as driving from Bellevue, Kirkland, south of Tacoma, Eastern Washington, Portland, Canada, New Zealand, and even south Africa.

Our hours are generally from Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm. If you require a salon weekend day, which means Monday or Sunday, I can be flexible, but only for an extra service charge.

Also, so very important, please, do not come to your appointment if you have any symptoms of cold or flu. Remember, I have to touch you for your entire service.

We are licensed cosmetologists. We are current on all state board regulations and are experienced and licensed hair colorists, barbers, and stylists.






Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Hand mixed colors on location for absolute color matching.

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

Kim Lake Custom Blends Hair Extensions

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